Giuseppe Di Morabito

GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO founded his namesake brand in Milan in 2015. It takes inspiration from the visual cultures + re-interprets them in a contemporary + conceptional garment. The style plays with a sense of elegant bizarreness, + the art of tailoring in different shapes + forms: the garments vary from ready-to-wear to a more sophisticated evening piece.

Targeting fresh + feminine females, who reject the overblown + pure classical ideals of femininity. They look for aesthetic values in what they are wearing, + although GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO respects tradition, it renews + modernises it collection by collection.

Giuseppe Di Morabito

12 Results

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Giuseppe Di Morabito

12 Results

Printed Silk Satin Dress

AED 2,081.00

Flower Print Stretch Silk Mini Dress

AED 1,820.88 AED 3,034.80


Black Floral Mini Dress

AED 1,800.00 AED 3,431.70

Black Silk Satin Gown

AED 2,836.00

Best Seller

Pink Draped Crystal Metal Mesh Top

AED 1,800.00

Low Stock


Crocodile-Effect Black Bodysuit

AED 958.80

Green Mini Ribbon Dress

AED 1,649.00 AED 3,154.95

Leather Mini Dress 

AED 1,440.00 AED 2,592.00

Strass Embellished  Dress

AED 1,522.35 AED 3,383.00

Low Stock

Crocodile-Effect Black Pants

AED 957.60

Crocodile-Effect Blazer

AED 1,416.00

Sequin Embroidered Puff Shoulder Dress

AED 3,186.00

Sold Out

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