Walk of Shame

WALK OF SHAME is one of the latest labels to come out of Moscow in the past decade. Continuously grabbing more international attention, after its recent + successful debut at New York fashion week last year, the brand is lauded for its re-creation of post-soviet culture with its kitschy yet flashy glamorous styling. It truly represents the fascinating energy of young fashion crowd in Russia.

Walk of Shame

11 Results

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Walk of Shame

11 Results

Green Oversized Blazer 

AED 1,026.00

Green Slouchy Trousers

AED 702.00

Gold Ribbed Deep V-neck Bodycon Dress

AED 567.00

Pink Joggers

AED 432.00

Pink Oversized Sweater

AED 378.00

Black Lace-Trimmed Classic Mini Slip Dress

AED 864.00

Classic Slip Dress

AED 1,480.00

Mini Shirt Dress

AED 1,080.00

Grey Sporty Cotton Track Pants

AED 880.00

White Logo-Embroidered T-Shirt

AED 300.00

Printed Sleeve Sweatshirt

AED 600.00

Showing 1 to 11 of 11 (1 Pages)