Walk of Shame

WALK OF SHAME is one of the latest labels to come out of Moscow in the past decade. Continuously grabbing more international attention, after its recent + successful debut at New York fashion week last year, the brand is lauded for its re-creation of post-soviet culture with its kitschy yet flashy glamorous styling. It truly represents the fascinating energy of young fashion crowd in Russia.

Walk of Shame

11 Results

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Walk of Shame

11 Results

Green Oversized Blazer 

AED 758.15 AED 1,993.00

Green Slouchy Trousers

AED 605.00 AED 1,363.50

Gold Ribbed Deep V-neck Bodycon Dress

AED 447.93 AED 1,101.41

Pink Joggers

AED 330.80 AED 839.16

Pink Oversized Sweater

AED 291.95 AED 734.26

Black Lace-Trimmed Classic Mini Slip Dress

AED 641.58 AED 1,553.75

Classic Slip Dress

AED 738.68 AED 1,796.70

Sold Out

Mini Shirt Dress

AED 641.63 AED 1,554.07

Grey Sporty Cotton Track Pants

AED 924.00

Sold Out

White Logo-Embroidered T-Shirt

AED 136.56 AED 291.40

Printed Sleeve Sweatshirt

AED 630.00

Showing 1 to 11 of 11 (1 Pages)