Paloma Wool

Paloma Lanna daughter to the founders of 'nice things' grew up surrounded by her parent's love and understanding of fashion. She is based in Barcelona where she studied marketing and business at ESADE, taught herself analog photography, and started her own project based on her love for photography and art and how that led her to design her own line of timeless pieces. A brand focused around the art of getting dressed, this is one label that will have you in love at first sight.

Paloma Wool

7 Results

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Paloma Wool

7 Results

Lohan Pants

AED 197.05 AED 574.26

Luca Asymmetric Top

AED 424.49

Sold Out

Huella High Waisted Organic Cotton Pants

AED 385.00 AED 912.90

1 piece left

CSI Huella Shirt

AED 285.30 AED 565.00

Low Stock

Camela Long Sleeve Top

AED 326.30 AED 815.75

Pamola Wool Alaska Long Sleeve Shirt

AED 245.32 AED 565.00

Joey Linen Dress

AED 350.00 AED 823.94

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