Reina Olga

In the event that you invest any energy in online life, it's almost certain you'll have seen one of Reina Olga's manifestations. The influencer-worshiped swimwear brand has immediately gotten a most loved for its bright pieces and straightforward yet striking outlines, characterized by clean lines, profound patterns and delicate sorbet conceals. 

Reina Olga is an Italian brand, propelled in 2014 by sister structure team Guia and Isotta Cleps with the possibility that "no two-piece is ever excessively little, and no tooshie is ever too huge." thus, its perfectly sized plans are intended to support all body shapes, and they're painstakingly made from super-stretch materials that guarantee an ideal fit unfailingly.

Reina Olga

12 Results

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Reina Olga

12 Results

Brigitte Hot-Pink Bikini Set 

AED 580.00 AED 705.00

Italian Stallion Black Halter Neck Swimsuit

AED 771.00

Brigitte Stripe Printed Bikini Set

AED 635.00 AED 748.18

Low Stock

Goldie Tiger Print Bikini Set 

AED 425.00 AED 661.50

Italian Stallion Coral Halter Neck Swimsuit

AED 600.00 AED 771.00

Italian Stallion Swimsuit

AED 750.00

1 piece left

Show Pony Cut-Out Red Halter Neck Swimsuit

AED 590.00 AED 748.18

1 piece left

Luca Tiger Print Bikini Set

AED 475.00 AED 683.55

Brigitte Black Bikini Set

AED 675.15

Love Triangle Bikini Set 

AED 573.30

Luca Tobacco Suede Bikini Set

AED 525.00 AED 708.75

Rocky Crinkle Bronze Bikini Set 

AED 661.50

1 piece left

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