LIYA is a chic yet contemporary brand founded in 2017. It takes its cues from functional, everyday-wear + adds distinct lines with an edgy yet feminine touch. A strong belief in individuality + #SELFLOVE is the driving force behind the label. Each natural stone utilised is handpicked + different, meaning that during the creative process the shape of the piece is dictated by the form of the stone. Unique indeed.


17 Results

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17 Results

Gold Blue Lagoon Necklace

AED 1,000.80

Gold Blue Lagoon Earrings

AED 782.81

Gold Lollipop Earrings

AED 832.36

Gold Sun Earrings

AED 832.36

Gold Blue Lagoon Drop Earrings

AED 911.63

Gold Masculine Circle Necklace

AED 931.45

 Gold-Plated Brown Chain Earrings 

AED 816.58

 Gold-Plated Pink-Pendant Necklace 

AED 1,055.13

Moon Earrings

AED 1,082.65

Grey Stone Earrings

AED 862.45

Poison Ivy Earrings

AED 715.65

Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace

AED 779.00

Gold-Plated Pearlette Earrings

AED 879.00


Gold-Plated Midnight Gem Earrings

AED 749.00

Gold-Plated Bronzite  Earrings

AED 819.00

Showing 1 to 15 of 17 (2 Pages)