LIYA is a chic yet contemporary brand founded in 2017. It takes its cues from functional, everyday-wear + adds distinct lines with an edgy yet feminine touch. A strong belief in individuality + #SELFLOVE is the driving force behind the label. Each natural stone utilised is handpicked + different, meaning that during the creative process the shape of the piece is dictated by the form of the stone. Unique indeed.


8 Results

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8 Results

Moon Earrings

AED 1,082.65

Grey Stone Earrings

AED 862.45

Poison Ivy Earrings

AED 715.65

Gold-Plated Pearlette Earrings

AED 879.00


Gold-Plated Midnight Gem Earrings

AED 749.00

Gold-Plated Bronzite  Earrings

AED 819.00

Gold-Plated Blossom Earrings

AED 999.00

Gold-Plated Chain Necklace

AED 429.00

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)